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Tachibana x Sakura fans


- Stay ON TOPIC. Keep in mind this is a pairing community - general topics should be posted on gate_seven.
- You can advertise new communities as long as they're related to the pairing/series, and not a copy or are bashing our community.
- No flames or flame wars.
- No bashing of other characters, ships, etc will be tolerated.
- No personal attacks will be tolerated.
- Please tag your entries properly. If you need a tag to be added, ask for a mod to add it in your post, and/or contact them to let them know.
- Everything above a PG-13 rating must be specified as such, and put under an LJ-cut.
- Any fanwork or entry that deals with sensitive subjects should be properly labeled, and be placed under an LJ-cut.
- Please be wary of spoilers. Warn for all spoilers on fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, etc. Keep this in mind even for icons.
- Feel free to post fics and fanart, as well as pictures of merchandise, etc., or ads selling such, as long as they are related to the Tachibana/Sakura pairing.
- Keep all doujinshi, links to doujinshi, fanart websites, manga scans, anime uploads and music upload in friends-locked posts.
- All images and fics and long posts should be behind an LJ cut.
- If you're unsure about something being allowed, please contact a moderator.
- Have fun!