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A wild, unrepentant, fluff fic appears! And it's AU!

Title: Good Night, Good Night
Warning/s: None~~
A/n: Right. This is part of that AU I did not talk about. I decided, it’s going to be non-linear! Yay! Because I am an idiot who likes writing other stuff more than the others.  PFFT, first published work for this AU is unrepentant fluff, yay!


ALSO, I wanted to insert doing a raspberry in there somewhere my mind is weird.


It’s quiet tonight, and he’s alone in his bed. Hana doesn’t come making those small barking sounds into the room with Chikahito trailing behind. It’s too quiet, and it feels like the flat is too big, like there’s just so much space the shadows can take.

He can’t sleep, like his body refuses to shut down after the long and gruelling day. And he doesn’t—he doesn’t like this feeling, doesn’t like the prospect of sinking into that unknowing darkness every night. The cool air’s too constricting, it feels like his lungs aren’t taking in enough oxygen molecules. And so he tries not to sleep, tries not to let the darkness swallow him. But it’s like the days have been longer, like one night’s rest isn’t enough.

Tachibana sits up when someone opens his door.

Tachibana cocks an eyebrow, “What?”

Of course, it’s Sakura who walks into the room, too carefree and tactless like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Sakura shrugs, “I need sleep.” He then proceeds to just plop down by the edge of the bed, calmly pawing at the blanket pooling around Tachibana’s lap.

Tachibana wrinkles his nose and maybe, sort of, splays his legs to occupy more space. “You’ve stayed up longer.”

Sakura shrugs again, and that grin really is too disarming, “You need sleep.” He crawls up, up till he’s almost nose to nose with Tachibana. He places his hand against Tachibana’s cheek and runs his thumb over his lower lip.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tachibana asks.

Sakura just tilts his head to the side, moves until his nose actually touches Tachibana’s, until Tachibana can taste his breath in his mouth. He presses a hand against Sakura’s shoulder, “No,” he says. And damn anyone who hears his voice that night.

“I’m trying to seduce you,” Sakura says, like he’s finding this too damn amusing and Tachibana almost pushes him off the bed.

“It’s not working.” Tachibana’s too quick to reply.

Sakura hums low in his throat; pushes his palm against Tachibana’s shoulders, pushes him until he’s lying on his back, glaring up at Sakura.

All Sakura does is smile, lowers himself until their lips are close again (and goddammit, he should just get to kissing Tachibana already) and maybe, lightly, trails his lips over Tachibana’s face and kisses his cheeks and kisses and kisses and pets his hair and Tachibana feels the constricting chains of the cool air dissipate and—

Sakura falls heavy on top of him.

Tachibana shoves at his shoulder and Sakura laughs and laughs and laughs into his shoulder.

“You’re huge, get off,” Tachibana says with a grunt.

Sakura pulls back, enough to look down at him, “You sure know how to compliment a man.” It’s almost teasing.

Tachibana doesn’t say anything, doesn’t need to, because he sees the edges of Sakura’s smile, of his eyes, and it’s not with the usual crinkle of a laugh.

“That wasn’t a compliment.” Tachibana gives another shove and is satisfied when Sakura finally rolls off of him, but lies beside him anyway.

He doesn’t say anything when he’s suddenly wrapped in a Sakura-cocoon. He breathes, calm and his heart beating slow in his chest when Sakura’s breath tickles the back of his neck. He shifts, and Sakura’s hair curls around his shoulders, near his neck and Tachibana brushes them off.

“Your hair’s annoying,” he says, too quiet for his liking.

Sakura just hums again, presses a kiss against his neck.

You’re annoying.”

Sakura doesn’t say anything, and Tachibana waits for a reply, waits and he doesn’t wait too long because damn, it’s too late and he needs his sleep too okay.



This was supposed to have good morning!porn but I'm sleepy. Maybe tomorrow orz
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