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A wild, unrepentant, fluff fic appears! And it's AU!
Title: Good Night, Good Night
Warning/s: None~~
A/n: Right. This is part of that AU I did not talk about. I decided, it’s going to be non-linear! Yay! Because I am an idiot who likes writing other stuff more than the others.  PFFT, first published work for this AU is unrepentant fluff, yay!


ALSO, I wanted to insert doing a raspberry in there somewhere my mind is weird.

All Sakura does is smile, lowers himself until their lips are close again (and goddammit, he should just get to kissing Tachibana already)Collapse )


This was supposed to have good morning!porn but I'm sleepy. Maybe tomorrow orz

I come bearing smut
Title: Cold
Rating: M
Warnings: Sex, teasing, and proof that I have constructed a ridiculously large head-canon after only 8 chapters >.>
Summary: He’s not frigid, and he’d resent Sakura for this little demonstration more if he hadn’t spent the day acting the part so well.
Notes: Many thanks to my partner in crime irenegerke who fills my head with horrible ideas and continually pushes my fangirl idiocy to as-yet-unimagined heights. All yin/yang based temperature-play is her fault, as are most of the good things herein. :D

You're supposed to be the cold one.Collapse )

Hello, comm
Gate 7 - n_n you suck
So, I was poking around the main community just now searching for something else entirely, and I found this little summary of the latest two chapters - the ones that so far are only available in Chinese.

And there's this bit I think anyone shipping this pairing might wanna look at.

Cut for spoilersCollapse )


Fanfic: There's Nothing Wrong with Being Alone Together
Title: There's Nothing with Being Alone Together

Fandom: Gate 7
Pairing: Sakura/Tachibana
Rating: K+/PG
Warning/s: None
Spoiler/s: None
A/n: Rushed and a kid!fic and AU. Also, I know almost nothing about matsuri so haaah. :'DD

( Sakura smiles that smile again, and nods his head so hard and says, "Yes." And even though Tachibana can't hear it, he sees it and thinks that's that. )

Fanfic: A Matter of Convenience
Title: A Matter of Convenience

Fandom: Gate 7
Pairing: Sakura/Tachibana
Rating: K+/PG
Warning/s: None that I can think of, unless slash is a bit iffy for you
Spoiler/s: Only about how Tachibana wakes up and Sakura sleeps, other than that, you're safe. (Are those even considered spoilers? /coughs)
From: clampkink  
Prompt: Gate 7, Sakura/Tachibana - first time

Summary: Sakura, with his still smiling face breaks into his realization cheerily, "Lovely day, isn't it?" And it's still that smile, still that familiarity.

(Fake cut is Fake)

Intro post \o/
Gate 7 - I'm too pretty for this bs
Hello! And welcome to this brand-new comm for the pairing of Tachibana and Sakura!

So... First thoughts? What did you like about these two guys, and their dynamics? Do you have big expectations for them? Did you squeal with the latest crossover pic featuring them?

Likewise, if you have any ideas/suggestions for the community, please let me know o/ I'm still setting things up so I can change things around and such.